This is my most recent job in web systems. This CMS is based on ASP.Net and the Database can be both Access and Microsoft SQL Server. This CMS has a full dynamic structure. It means that you can add as many sections as you want. It means that sections, sub sections and menus is not limited to any number and you can add any content in any hierarchy structure. Any section or sub section can have any number of sub sections. This CMS is totally free for non-commercial organizations especially for charity jobs and NGOs.


I developed this software for Student Library of University of Tehran. This software currently is used by this library and some other free library and music libraries. There are 3 version of this software for using in different contexts. Such as Books, Articles and Musics This software is quiet simple and functional and can be used in every library. This software is free and open source under GNU and you can download the setup version of the most comprehensive version of this software from here.


Anbar is an advanced Inventory management system. This software is the most important commercial software that I have developed. This software is being used for more than 5 years in many companies such as Kar Andishe Noavar, KASS and Ring Gostar Aria and etc. This software is able to simulate the factory line with queue theory and predict the required data for production management.

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