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I developed this software for Student Library of University of Tehran. This software currently is used by this library and some other free library and musc libraries. There are 3 version of this software for using in diffrent contexts. Such as Books, Articles and Musics  This software is quiet simple and functional and can be used in every library.

This software has the following feature:

  1. User Managment System
  2. Borrow and Lend Desk
  3. Advance Search
  4. Print details
  5. Back up and restore
  6. Working on LAN networls
  7. Microsoft Access Database
  8. InteliWord system
  9. User friendly GUI

InteliWord system is an Intelligent Word identification designed by me. This system can reduce amount of type about 50%.

In libraries, there are a lot of common word and you may write an special name like Elsevior many times in a day. For example, suppose that you want to type Elsevior Publishing Company. You may define an abbreviation for these words in IteliWords section.

els ==>Elsevior

pub ==>Publishing

co ==> Company

In any filed of this program if you write these InteliWords, the program convert it automatically. For this example it is adequate to write this phrase: =els =pub =co

This software is free and open source under GNU and you can download the setup version of the most comprehensive version of this software from here. (The other 2 types of this software is quiet similar to this one, but if you sure that they may help you, please do not hesitate to contact me.)

  1. Setup Version
  2. Source Code Version











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