Anbar: Advanced Inventory Management System
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Anbar is an advanced Inventory management system. This software is the most important commercial software that I have developed. This software is being used for more than 5 years in many companies such as Kar Andishe Noavar, KASS and Ring Gostar Aria and etc. This software is able to simulate the factory line with queue theory and predict the required data for production management.

Main features of this version 6.5 software are:

  1. Complete Inventory processes such as:
    • Oreder,Entrance, Exit, Transfer, Produce, Dispose, Buy, Sell, Making Bills
  2. High performance software which can work under LAN and WAN networks with multiple user
  3. Advanced Queries
  4. Query design feature with Crystal Reports.
  5. Export queries and results to different type of formats: PDF, Word, Excel
  6. Sql based data base
  7. Automatic/Mannual Backup, Restore
  8. Transfer documents between diffrent databases
  9. Import and Export data from other accountig systems
  10. Advanced user managment
  11. History log for all documnets changes
  12. Barcode reading

If you have any question or more details about this program, please do not hesitate to contact me. The demo versions is available upon request. The application is ready in Persian and English.

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