Civil Engineering Softwares


Land surveying is one of the most important fields of civil engineering. The first job is gathering data in the field. The more important job is calculatation and drawing proper plans and profiles of the land. This software is able to calculate and draw Horizontal profile,Vertical profile, Pan of a land in AutoCAD and export the results to Microsoft excel and edit them. Most of my classmates and student of next years used this software for their Land surveying courses.


This Software is for calculation the discharge rate of a compound section of a river in 3 methods: 1. Compound Method 2. Looter Method 3. Union Method This software is programmed as a volunteer job in Fluid Mechanics course and was appreciated by Dr. Banihashemi, the master of course. This software can draw the related charts and have good GUI for presenting in a Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics course.


Suppose that you have a shower oscillating in the X- Axis. When a water particle is release from the shower with a speed, it continues its path in the same direction and never changes the path. The overall scene of this flow is very beautiful but hard to imagine. Dr. Naeeni asked me to program this software which can simulate the slope filed of speed vector and have good animation.

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