NIRAZ Web Content Managment System
Latest from Applications :
This is my most recent job in web systems. This CMS is based on ASP.Net and the Database can be both Access and Microsoft SQL Server. This CMS has a full dynamic structure. It means that you can add as many sections as you want.
It means that sections, sub sections and menus is not limited to any number and you can add any content in any hierarchy structure. Any section or sub section can have any number of sub sections.
It can show the sub section of the any form of weblog, tiled, gallery and what you want to define. You can see different types in my web site sections.
This CMS is totally free for non-commercial organizations especially for charity jobs and NGOs.
The main feature of this CMS is:
  1. Full dynamic structure
  2. High security
  3. User Management
  4. Web 2 design
  5. Ideal for Weblog
  6. Image Galley
  7. Product show case
  8. Ability to define any template
  9. Free for non-commercial organizations
  10. more and more
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