These are the selected applications which I have developed since 2003. Because of these applications, I was top score in master of science dissertation and almost all courses which concluded project during my academic education. They are programmed in C++, Visual Basic, MATLAB, Java and FORTRAN. Some of them are designed to run under Linux and some of them are for Windows.

I have categorized them in these categories. You can browse any category.

Featured Softwares

These are the most recent and selected software from above categories.

ParaCATS is a novel parallel software, which is the final outcome of master thesis project, can perform a simulation-based dynamic traffic assignment in large area of a city in micro-scale. This software is a Dynamic en-route assignment model for using in real-time traffic management systems. I am currently testing this software on Isfahan, the second largest city of Iran.


This software is high performance Cellular Automata micro simulator. I developed this software in C++, as an object oriented program. In order to achieve the required computational performance advance programing technics such as parallel processing and advance memory management is implemented.


This software is designed to calculate Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) analysis of weaving section and calculate level of service and flow speed of .the section. Moreover, the software is able to calculate some scenarios in which some parameter of the model is variable. This software can export the result data and draw corresponding charts to Microsoft Excel.


This is my most recent job in web systems. This CMS is based on ASP.Net and the Database can be both Access and Microsoft SQL Server. This CMS has a full dynamic structure. It means that you can add as many sections as you want. It means that sections, sub sections and menus is not limited to any number and you can add any content in any hierarchy structure. Any section or sub section can have any number of sub sections. This CMS is totally free for non-commercial organizations especially for charity jobs and NGOs.


System modeling is an essential step in decision-making process in order to explain, predict and control a system. Better tools for analyzing the data lead to better modeling of the system and hence, better solutions for the decision problems. This API is as advance Image Processing system which can be used in different contexts and I have optimized it in Traffic Image processing.


Anbar is an advanced Inventory management system. This software is the most important commercial software that I have developed. This software is being used for more than 5 years in many companies such as Kar Andishe Noavar, KASS and Ring Gostar Aria and etc. This software is able to simulate the factory line with queue theory and predict the required data for production management.

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