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Due to my computer science skills and excellent mathematics backbone, I was involved in researches in the variety of fields: Dynamic Traffic Assignment, Simulation, User Behavior Modeling, Fuzzy sets and systems, Image processing  and Fluid Mechanics modeling. These are the selected projects I have done in recent years:


Image processing has a key role in ITS system and Transportation Infrastructure management. On the other hand, system modeling is an essential step in decision-making process in order to explain, predict and control a system. In this project, I developed and optimized an existing Type-2 Fuzzy image processing code in MATLAB. The code was 6 times faster than the original version. Moreover, I generalized the code and it is applicable in different fields especially in transportation systems. In addition, I designed a GUI in Microsoft Visual Studio for this code. This software can be used for traffic image processing, railway and pavement monitoring system.


Traffic Surveillance system has a key role in ITS systems. By having a good surveillance the Advanced Traffic Management system can be implemented easily. In this project, I was involved in installing a surveillance system and the management site. The system can transfer video over network and Internet. In this project I learned all of the required information on surveillance system, windows server, domain controller and etc. settings by myself and it was really a hard job.

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