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Due to my computer science skills and excellent mathematics backbone, I was involved in researches in the variety of fields: Dynamic Traffic Assignment, Simulation, User Behavior Modeling, Fuzzy sets and systems, Image processing  and Fluid Mechanics modeling. These are the selected projects I have done in recent years:


In this research, my master dissertation, a Simulation-Based Dynamic Traffic Assignment model based on parallel Processing is proposed. This research is combination of my last two researches for this project: Type-2 fuzzy system as the Route choice model and CATSIMS as the Dynamic network loading model. The final outcome of this project is ParaCATS, novel parallel software, which can perform a simulation-based dynamic traffic assignment in large area of a city in micro-scale


Traffic simulation models have proven to be suitable tools for the evaluation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The applicability of traffic simulation strongly depends on computing performance. The result of this project is an high performance Cellular Automata micro simulator. I developed this software in C++, as an object oriented program. In order to achieve the required computational performance, advance programing techniques such as parallel processing and advance memory management is implemented.


Image processing has a key role in ITS system and Transportation Infrastructure management. On the other hand, system modeling is an essential step in decision-making process in order to explain, predict and control a system. In this project, I developed and optimized an existing Type-2 Fuzzy image processing code in MATLAB. The code was 6 times faster than the original version. Moreover, I generalized the code and it is applicable in different fields especially in transportation systems. In addition, I designed a GUI in Microsoft Visual Studio for this code. This software can be used for traffic image processing, railway and pavement monitoring system.


Traffic Surveillance system has a key role in ITS systems. By having a good surveillance the Advanced Traffic Management system can be implemented easily. In this project, I was involved in installing a surveillance system and the management site. The system can transfer video over network and Internet. In this project I learned all of the required information on surveillance system, windows server, domain controller and etc. settings by myself and it was really a hard job.


The simulation of a complex queue is one the most important problem in every factory especially in Iran Khordo Company which is the largest car manufacturing corporation in the Middle East. In this project a software was designed to simulate the manufacturing process of 3 different types of cars, Peugeot 206, 405 and Samand in this factory. The designed software is currently used by this company to plan and manage factory line.

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