Installation of Traffic Surveillance system
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Traffic Surveillance system has a key role in ITS systems. By having a good surveillance the Advanced Traffic Management system can be implemented easily.
In this project, I was involved in installing a surveillance system. In this project I worked with Geovision Surveillance system. This system is very good programed and featured. Moreover it has some good capability in basic image processing.
After installation of the surveillance system, the computer site needs to be installed. I set up 2 servers with 2 Xeon CPUs and installed Windows Server 2008 with Active Directory and IIS and FTP on them. I configured hard disk of the server in raid 5 in order to prevent data loss in any case of hard disk failure.
Moreover I configured the Internet router and port forwarding feature so that, the system can transfer video over network and Internet.
In this project I learned all of the required information on surveillance system, windows server, domain controller and etc. settings by myself and it was really a hard job.



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