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Due to my computer science skills and excellent mathematics backbone, I was involved in researches in the variety of fields: Dynamic Traffic Assignment, Simulation, User Behavior Modeling, Fuzzy sets and systems, Image processing  and Fluid Mechanics modeling. These are the selected projects I have done in recent years:


Traffic Surveillance system has a key role in ITS systems. By having a good surveillance the Advanced Traffic Management system can be implemented easily. In this project, I was involved in installing a surveillance system and the management site. The system can transfer video over network and Internet. In this project I learned all of the required information on surveillance system, windows server, domain controller and etc. settings by myself and it was really a hard job.


This project was in Rahshar Company to compare HCM method of analysis of a weaving section with AIMSUN simulator. A software was designed which can calculate different scenarios according to HCM and plot calculated data and draw related charts in Microsoft Excel. Some advance scripting was done in AIMSUN to simulate the selected scenarios.


The simulation of a complex queue is one the most important problem in every factory especially in Iran Khordo Company which is the largest car manufacturing corporation in the Middle East. In this project a software was designed to simulate the manufacturing process of 3 different types of cars, Peugeot 206, 405 and Samand in this factory. The designed software is currently used by this company to plan and manage factory line.


The aircraft was on a passenger flight from Tehran (Iran) to Khorramabad (Iran). The TU-154 crashed into mountainous terrain in poor weather conditions while on approach to Khorramabad. All the 118 passengers and crew members onboard were killed. This was the beginning of this project. The Hydraulics Laboratory of Civil Engineering Department of University of Tehran was assigned to model Air Flow near this airport. My duty was, designing a software that can analysis the outputs of ANSYS software and calculate the required data.

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